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  • Quickly find an open room through colored LED lights that show availability at a distance. Up close, see room details, claim the space, or reserve the room on the spacious touchscreen.
  • Easily install Tap Scheduler outside any room with the included glass, mullion, and wall mounts.
  • Multiple routing options hide the single PoE cable for a clean and professional setup.
  • With a 10.1" touchscreen display, flat angle, and low profile, Tap Scheduler allows for easy reading from a variety of heights.
  • With a purposeful design and durable components, Tap Scheduler is built for reliable performance that lasts.
  • Configure Tap Scheduler out of the box in just a few easy steps for fast setup and deployment.
  • With Logitech Sync, you can monitor and manage Tap Scheduler along with your other meeting room devices from one single platform.


SKU: 952-000091
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