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Managed IT Support and Services Penrith

Hardware and Software

DUX IT have a vast network of suppliers for all types of business hardware and software. You can purchase your IT equipment directly from us and get it installed and configured on the desk for your staff hassle free!


DUX IT provide NBN internet services to all metro areas in Sydney. We fully manage your installation and ongoing billing so you only need to pay one IT bill at the end of the month! Saving you time and money on accounting for multiple IT service vendors and products.

Mobile Phones

We also cover mobile phones, our preferred network is the Telstra network and we can provide no lock in voice and data plans and also can provide mobile phone device plans if required.

Landline and Office Phone Systems

DUX IT specialise in Desk phone systems for large organisations and can cover all of your Land line needs. PABX phone systems with 1300 numbers, line hunt, auto attendant, Holiday messages and more all covered.

Support and Maintenance

Along with being able to supply and install all of your IT services we also provide full support to get you through any issues that may arise. Our consultation services can also assist you to strengthen your IT environment to make it more robust and less susceptible to failure or cyber attacks, but if you do have any issues, you can call on DUX IT to help!

Why Choose Us?

Managing all of the IT systems needed to run a business can be a time consuming task, dealing with multiple vendors invoicing, Tax and complex IT systems. DUX IT is a one stop shop and we can analyse your current IT spend, provide you with a comparison and save you time and money.

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